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Board of Elections

Primary Election May 5th, 2015

100 Day Notice for Federal Write-in Absentee Ballots for the 2015 Primary Election

Precincts Open for Voting on May 5th, 2015


All City of Mansfield Precincts

Man 1-A, Man 1-B, Man 1-C, Man 1-D, Man 1-E, Man 1-F

Man 2-A, Man 2-B, Man 2-C, Man 2-D, Man 2-E, Man 2-F

Man 3-A, Man 3-B, Man 3-C, Man 3-D, Man 3-E

Man 4-A, Man 4-B, Man 4-C, Man 4-D, Man 4-E

Man 5-A, Man 5-B

Man 6-A, Man 6-B, Man 6-C, Man 6-D, Man 6-E


All City of Shelby Precincts

Shl 1-A, Shl 1-B

Shl 2-A, Shl 2-B

Shl 3-A, Shl 3-B

Shl 4-A, Shl 4-B


1 City of Ontario Precinct

Ont 3-A





(Cass and Blmg voters in Shelby School District for

Marvin Memorial Library Issue will vote in Jackson-A also)


Monroe –A

Monroe – B






Precincts Closed - No Voting on May 5th, 2015


 Bloominggrove Township (Shelby School District for the Marvin Memorial Library issue voters will receive letter to go to Jackson-A polling place to vote), Butler Township, Cass-A (voters in Shelby School District portion of this township – if any – will be instructed to go to Jackson-A to vote), all of Jefferson Township, all of Madison Township, all of Mifflin Township, Perry Township, Ontario 1-A, Ontario 2-A, Ontario 4-A, all of Springfield Township, all of the Village of Lexington, all of Troy Township, all of Washington Township, Weller Township, and all of Worthington Township.


 For the City of Mansfield precincts only, Voters can request a Democratic or Issues Only ballot. No Republican ballot is available since the Republican candidates were unopposed within their party, and thus were nominated on through to the General Election without a Primary.


  The City of Shelby does have candidates on the ballot as well as Issues, but their candidates run non-partisan. Therefore, all the candidates and all the issues are on the same ballot. All races will have the “Vote for not more than 1” designation, and the 2 candidates in each race receiving the highest number of votes will advance to the General Election.


  The only precinct in the City of Ontario which will be open is Ontario 3rd Ward, which votes at the Ontario City Administration Building on Stumbo Road. The other precincts in Ontario had no opposed candidates in either party, and no issues filed. The Republican and Democratic candidates in Ontario Wards 1, 2, and 4 were nominated through to the General without a Primary. In the 3rd Ward precinct, only the Republican candidates for 3rd Ward Council, and a Local Option Sunday Sales issue will be on the ballot. Voters in the 3rd Ward will be asked if they would like to receive a Republican ballot or an Issues Only ballot. No Democratic ballot is available, as no Democratic candidate filed for 3rd Ward Council.


  The other precincts which are open for voting on May 5th, 2015 only have an Issue, or Issues on their ballot. Poll Workers in these precincts will ask the voter’s name and address only. They will not ask party affiliation or which ballot they would like to receive, as all ballots are the same with only the issues on their ballot.