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Prosecutor's Office

38 Sourth Park
Mansfield, Ohio 44902

Phone: 419.774.5676




James J. Mayer, Jr.

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About Us

The Richland County Prosecutor's Office is headed by the elected Prosecutor James J. Mayer, Jr., currently serving his fourth term.

The Richland County Prosecutor's Office is the agency responsible for the prosecution of all adult felony crimes that occur within Richland County. We handle approximately 800 felonies a year. Examples of the types of felony cases handled are Murder, Rape, Burglary, Drug Trafficking, Felonious Assault and Non-Support of Dependents.

The Prosecutor's Office also handles all juvenile crimes that are committed by any juvenile that resides in Richland County.

Our civil division, which consists of three attorneys, is the legal advisor for all county officials and officers and all township offices within the county. Our civil division also is responsible for all county civil litigation and the collection of delinquent real estate taxes.

We have three specialized divisions within our office.

Our Victim/Witness Division is responsible for assisting victims of crime with compensation for losses, notice of court hearings, referrals to services and counseling, attendance in court to represent their interests and protect their rights. This division can be reached at our main number 774-5676,

The next division is the Unsolved Homicide Unit, which was created in 2000, in an effort to solve unsolved homicides that have occurred in Richland County. The anonymous tip line for the Unsolved Homicide Unit is 525-CLUE.

Also we have a Fraud Unit. This unit assists people who are victims of any type of fraud, ie: contractor fraud, telemarketing fraud, etc. This division can also be reached at our main number 419-774-5676.

The Prosecutor's Office consists of 12 attorneys, 3 victim witness staff members, 2 investigators, 1 diversion officer, 1 office administrator and 6 secretaries.