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Soil & Water

1495 W. Longview Ave.
Mansfield, Ohio 44906


John Hildreth 
Phone: 419.747.8684

District Technician

Matt Christian 
Phone: 419.747.8077

District Community Relations Coordinator

Theresa Rozic Sutter 
Phone: 419.747.8685


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Soil & Water Conservation

About Us

 The Richland Soil and Water Conservation District (Richland SWCD) provides assistance to Richland County residents and landowners:

- Our District supports Backyard Conservation efforts that provide beauty and enjoyment while protecting wildlife and the environment.

- Our District assists landowners with water quality practices, soil stabilization and soil management to improve the value of their land.

- Our District creates detailed reports of land which may include an aerial photograph, topographical map including the flood plain.

- Our District assists landowners with soil analysis and recommendations. The District evaluates soil and water test results by identifying soil properties and guides landowners toward improved land management.

- Our District helps landowners remain compliant with local and state laws.

- Through education, the District provides assistance and planning to livestock operators to stay compliant with the Ohio Pollution Abatement Program that addresses the storage and land use of manure.

- Our District provides woodland management recommendations which focus on the protection of water quality and soil erosion reduction.

- Our District encourages the adoption of 4R Tomorrow, a program created by the Ohio Federation of Soil and Water Conservation Districts (OFSWCD), with the support of the Ohio Soybean Council, to educate and promote wise nutrient management to conserve water quality and soil health using the 4R nutrient stewardship principals and conservation practices of 1) right fertilizer source, at the 2) right rate, at the 3) right time, with the 4) right placement.

 The Richland SWCD was organized in 1948 and incorporates all land within Richland County. Our District is led by a District Board of Supervisors who represent the county. These five supervisors are publicly elected by a general election during our annual meeting. Each supervisor is elected to serve a three-year term and is sworn into duty by the Chief Justice of the Ohio Supreme Court during the Ohio Federation of Soil and Water Conservation District's annual meeting. The Board of Supervisors create and annual and long-term plan of operation that protects the District's vision. Monthly board meetings are held the Third Tuestday of each month at 6:00 p.m. at the Richland County Longview Center.

Our District is a sub-division of the State of Ohio and is assisted by Richland County Commissioners. Our District partners with USDA-Natural Resources Conservation Service and Farm Service Agency to assist in the delivery of USDA conservation practices.