Current Request for Statement of Qualifications


The Board of Richland County Commissioners intends to contract for professional architectural and engineering services for facility repair, renovation, replacement, energy conservation, sustainment, and construction projects in Richland County, Ohio.

Firms interested in providing architectural and/or engineering services should submit their Statement of Qualifications to be received by March 23, 2018, although the Board reserves the right to accept for consideration Statements of Qualifications submitted after this date. Statements should be submitted to Richland County Board of Commissioners, 50 Park Avenue East, Mansfield, Ohio 44902.

Statements of Qualifications shall include the following information:

  • Firm Name, Location, Contact Information
  • Firm Profile and History
  • Technical Training, Education and Experience of Key Personnel
  • Experience with Government Projects
  • Staff availability for Richland County Projects
  • Knowledge of and compliance with Richland County Contracting Procedures and Documents
  • Demonstrated success working within budgets and completing projects on time
  • Demonstrated ability to produce designs requiring minimal change orders
  • Experience with Renovation, Repair, Energy Conservation, and Sustainability
  • Experience with Interior and Exterior Building Components and Systems
  • Construction Administration Experience
  • References
  • Sample Listing of Projects

Responding firms will be evaluated and ranked based on the strength of their qualifications relating to specific project needs. It is anticipated that the Board of Richland County Commissioners will enter into contracts with the most highly qualified firms as they are selected for specific facility project requirements.

Scope of Work: Provide investigative services, design services, assessments, reports, plans, specifications, cost estimates, schedules, and construction administration for facility construction, repair, renovation, remodeling, modifications, replacement, addition, energy conservation, and sustainment projects for Richland County.

The issuance of this public announcement in no way constitutes any commitment by the Board of Richland County Commissioners to award a contract, to pay any cost incurred in preparation of a response to this announcement, or accept other acts on the part of the respondents to procure or contract for services.

Adopted March 1, 2018

Last Updated: 01 MAR 2018
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