2018 Goals and Objectives


Goal: Reduce and maintain a lower number of items held by the Property Room.
Objective 1: Complete the disposition of property initiated in 2016.
Objective 2: Send out property dispositions monthly to include; items submitted the prior month and one Property Room selected storage location.
Objective 3: Obtain additional training of OSSI software to improve efficiency.
Objective 4: Review operation to identify areas which may be improved and/or eliminated to improve efficiency.
GOAL: Continue the organization and record keeping of the training.
Objective #1: Maintain level of training for RCSO officers even though no CPTS are required for 2018.
Objective #2: Ensure all instructors are up to date and continue to monitor expiration dates for the instructors.
Objective #3: Ensure training guidelines are met to CALEA standards.
Goal: Improve efficiency and oversight of case management
Objective 1: Newly entered cases will be reviewed and assigned daily, returning cases not maintained by Major Crimes to Patrol the day of review.
Objective 2: Case management will be reviewed weekly to identify cases open with no reported follow up.
Objective 3: Investigators will enter follow ups/supplementals and file all associated paperwork with Records as completed.
Objective 4: Monthly, Major Crimes’ assigned cases will be reviewed to verify the case statuses are accurate.
Goal: Improve Span and Control within the Operations Bureau.
Objective 1: Promote, train and develop a Uniformed Lieutenant Position
Objective 2: Promote, train and develop a Records Section Supervisor
Objective 3: Revise Office Policy & job descriptions to reflect the newly created positions
Goal: Improve Organization of Office Records
Objective 1: Standardize locations of Office Records Storage
Objective 2: Label and inventory all records in their new storage location(s)
Objective 3: Scan all outdated documents so paper copies may be properly disposed
Objective 4: Properly dispose of all records per approved Records Retention Policy
Goal 1: Finish Computerization of Office Equipment/Vehicles & Implement Monthly Inspections
Objective 1: Enter all tracked vehicles and equipment into OSSI
Objective 2: Complete training of OSSI modules


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