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General Information

Guide to Permitting

Richland County Pool Regulations

Public Records Request Form RC100

Considering Building Pamphlet

Building Code Information

Stormwater Permitting Information

Zoning Inspectors




Commercial Building Permit - Application

New OBC Commercial Building Plan Approval Fees Worksheet_07012017

Old Commercial Fees Worksheets for active projects submitted prior to July 1, 2017

Residential Building Permit Application

Phased Approval - Commercial

Partial Certificate of Occupancy

Special Flood Hazard Development Permit Application

Request for Certificate of Occupany (see existing structures occupancy packet)

Job Site Trailers/Offices Application (see Job Site Trailers Guide and Application)

Electrical Service Application updated 07.28.16



Detail Drawings

Electrical Service Guide

Sample Site Plan



Fee Schedules

New OBC Commercial Building Plan Approval Fees Worksheet 07-01-2017

New Commercial Richland Co Permit Fees 07-01-2017

New Commercial ACHSW Co (Ashland, Crawford, Huron, Seneca, & Wyandot Counties) Permit Fees 07-01-2017

Old OBC Commercial Fees Worksheet for Active Projects Submitted Prior to 07-01-2017

New RCO Residential Building Plan Approval Fees Worksheet 07-01-2017

New Residential Richland Co Permit Fees 07-01-2017



Floodplain Forms

Zone A Channel Modification



Commercial Plans

Existing Structures Occupancy Packet

Commercial Building Plan Approval Requirements

Commercial Sign Plan Approval requirements

Daycare Requirements

Electronic Plans - Electronic plans are not accepted at this time

Fire Protection Systems

Job Site Trailers Guide and Application

Site Plan Requirements

Statement of Special Inspections and Instructions updated 05.22.13

Tent Approval - Requirements

Tower and Industrialized Unit Plan Requirements updated 06.30.13

Kitchen Exhaust Hood Plan Submittal Requirements updated 07.24.13



Residential Plans

Accessory Storage Building Plan Requirements

Residential Building Plan Approval Requirements

2013 RCO Climatic and Geographical Design Criteria

Residential Deck and Ramp Plan Requirements

Househould Sewage Treatment System electrical requirements and fact sheet

Residential Plan Submittal Checklist

Smoke Alarms Save Lives

Type A Daycare Requirements

Residential Final Inspection Checklist


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