The coroner is elected to a four-year term of office and is an important part of the criminal and civil justice system. The coroner has the responsibility to investigate the cause of death resulting from criminal or violent means, accident, or other situations where someone in good health dies, or where a death is suspicious or unusual.


The coroner works with law enforcement agencies and the county prosecutor in preparing cases for trial. The coroner also conducts investigations to determine the cause of death, authorizes autopsies, x-rays, toxicology tests, and often testifies as an expert a witness in court cases.


The coroner participates in community education to help reduce preventable deaths and also provides the families of the deceased with information and assistance.


Further information regarding our office and Richland County Death Statistics can be obtained by downloading our annual report.


Frequently we are asked about death certificates. These may be obtained from the Department of Vital Statistics at the Richland County Health Department, 555 Lexington Ave., Mansfield, OH 419.774.4500 or visit their web site. Death certificates for deaths occurring in the city of Shelby are kept at the City Building in Shelby, call 419.347.5131.



Coroner's Staff


Daniel Burwell, DO, Coroner

Robert Ball, D-ABMDI, Investigator

Tom Stortz, Investigator

Randi Ball, Administrative Assistant

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