Voting System

The Richland County Board of Elections owns 600 TSX AccuVote Diebold Electronic Voting Units. Approximately 525 are deployed for use in polling places for each Election. 15 to 20 units are used in the Board Office for Absentee Voting. 12 units are reserved for poll worker training purposes, and another 10 are utilized for demonstrations throughout the community. The remaining units are in reserve for replacement or back-ups.

Each unit is thoroughly tested prior to each Election in a testing procedure entitled “L & A” (Logic and Accuracy). This test requires approximately one man-hour per unit. Every race, every candidate, and every issue is test-voted to ensure accuracy in casting a ballot and tabulation. Additional functions of the unit are also tested, including time and date, calibration, and the printing of the audit log. The L & A procedure is scheduled approximately 40 days before each Election and is open to the public. The dates for this test is posted on a pdf attached here.

The L & A test is performed solely by Board of Elections workers. Our entire Election is programmed and reviewed solely by Board employees. No Vendors are involved in any parts of this process. The Checklist used to perform this test is available on a pdf here.

A TSX Allocation Schedule is available for each Election cycle and will be available here after the board approves it for the next election. These schedules are then archived on our Previous Election Results link, accessible from our home page.

For a Demo of our voting system, please click the video below

Last Updated: 16 SEP 2019
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